{ your love , as is }

capturing genuine interactions & authentic connections

pulling inspiration from your real relationship

capturing you as you are.





elopement :: not a traditional wedding day, just a couple o’ humans going on an adventure together & tying the knot!

no guests | no frills


all elopement packages have a one-hour storytelling session built into their coverage

so keep this in mind when deciding which package aligns with you

EBC_SQUARE_01 copy.jpg

to the point



does this sound like you?

we want somethin’ straight to the point, we’re just two people getting married somewhere easily accessible & beautiful!

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let’s get lost



does this sound like you?

we’re a couple o’ humans getting married but we wanna get married somewhere epic & have a small adventure to boot, a hike to the top of a mountain perhaps?

EBC_SQUARE_03 copy.jpg




does this sound like you?

we want to elope but we want our parents to be there too! we’d like some shots of us getting ready before the intimate ceremony as well as some shots with our family afterwards!

$350 travel fee & two nights at a hotel for elopements over 2 hours away.


{ this is a twenty-nineteen price list }

it is adjusted periodically

future orders shall be charged

at the prices in effect at the time

when the order is placed.