strength | truth | empowerment | femininity

“in a portrait, i’m looking for the silence in somebody”

portraiture is an art form. lighting styles, angles, facial expressions, makeup, wardrobe, posing, surrounding space, colours & tones ; it all comes together and shapes how your subject will be perceived - the stories you’ll be telling.

i wanted Jade’s portraits to tell the story of an empowered woman ; a wild woman. i started out by choosing a creative space (hands on pottery) painted with neutral colours, ambient light, & soft tones, paralleling her natural, no frills look. for wardrobe, i put her in something unrevealing and gender neutral, in order to highlight the more fierce & fiery aspects of being a woman. i chose strong poses, chins held high & front-facing confidence. paired with honest and calm expressions, indicating a comfort in ones own skin. typically, women are photographed at a downward angle, making them appear vulnerable. countering this notion, i photographed Jade straight on, evoking a sense of equality and empowerment. when playing with light and lighting styles, i alternated between a contrasty split lighting & a compelling rembrandt, keeping her poses feminine but not provocative.

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