Spending the rest of our lives together seems as natural as breathing.

These two met when they were twelve-years old and they were each others first real kiss. They’ve been inseparable since grade-eleven and they’re getting married a week after their ten-year anniversary next fall!! & && (as if I wasn’t already drooling over their every word) they say they still love each other as fiercely as they did when they were just a couple o’ crazy kids.

Being asked to tell the love story of two people so intertwined is such a beautiful (& heavy) request. This girl adore’s the 1920’s (envisioning a classy, black, white, n’ gold, great gatsby sort of wedding day) and she sent me an inspo-board filled with timeless, delicate, & sweet snapshots of dressed-up lovers embracing in the middle of the cobblestone streets. Her vision inspired me to create something timeless for them. something they can hang up on their wall that’ll stand the test of time, after trendy film-fades, fade & fade out of style.