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Dearest Emily,

The following message is written by both Jacob and me.

For the past three or four years now we have made an effort to surround ourselves with individuals that we find good spirits to be around. Considering our age, we are only beginning our adult lives and we have made a pact with one another to surround ourselves with people who bring us inspiration, happiness, joy, courage or simply love. You, Emily, have been exactly that type of person in our lives so far. We feel so extremely fortunate to have met you and to have now had you have taken so many photos of our love. It is such an honour to be gifted with these images. We are so sure that you are on your right path in this life and it is such a priceless experience to be able to be a part of this journey of yours as a young up and coming photographer.

You have managed to capture exactly what we wanted. It is as simple as that. Our love is so important to us and our wedding day had a lot of pressure. We wanted so many things to go right and thankfully they did. However, once the wedding was over, it was over and all we have left is our memories to rely on. With that being said, we are just so damn lucky to have had you and your team there on our day to now leave us with more than just our memories, but with stunning images that truly capture the mood and beauty of the day. We both feel as though the day slipped through our fingers but having had the time on Sunday and all week to glimpse at the photos you guys took, just brought us back to the day and allowed us to relive the love that we felt on June 23rd.

We want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for making the effort that you did (flying home, taking time off of work, gathering a team, organizing the shot list, the clear communication you maintained leading up to the wedding, the flawless performance you and your team gave day of and now for the selected and edited photos) throughout this entire “wedding dream” of ours. You have filled us up with happiness and warmth that will surely get us through these next few weeks of summer easily. So thank you for everything you have done for us. We love the photos so so much and we are forever grateful for your raw talent.

Emily... These are amazing!!!!! Thank you so kindly for capturing such special photos that we will eternally cherish - they’re beautiful!!!! I haven’t seen photos of Paul so happy like, ever... I teared up going through these so some of them were totally blurry to me, but I love them ALL! You made it such a memorable and easy experience, especially since Paul despises having his photo taken usually. These are even more beautiful than I could have imagined. We’re so glad everything worked out and had such a lovely soul take such special photos of us. Sorry for all the gushing! But you are extraordinarily talented, and I knew that the moment I first saw your work, and you just continue to blow my mind capturing life’s most beautiful moments. Ahh!! AHHHH! That’s all I can say. Thank you so much!!
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These are STUNNING. They are so beautiful. I’m freaking out! They’re perfect! I KNEW YOU WERE THE ARTIST FOR US. Oh my gosh! EMILYYYYY. THANK YOU!!!!!! Prepare to be tagged one million times on instagram, oh my gosh, I’m crying!!

Emily, Thank you so much for being such a huge part of our big day. You were such a pleasure to work with every step of the way. Your cool and calm demeanor made it feel like having just another best friend around. Your photos are stunning and your professionalism made all the difference. Good luck out there on the West coast!
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Emily, the photos that you captured of us are absolutely incredible. There was so much anticipation surrounding this photo shoot, I felt like I was going to just burst with excitement! I expected that it would take a few weeks to get them back, and then there they were THE VERY NEXT DAY! (Bless you, I have zero patience). And my gosh, they are STUNNING. You captured our love story in a way that is timeless and authentic. The black and white really adds to the 1920’s theme that I described to you prior to our session. I am so happy that we put this in your hands. These photos are so important to us, and you delivered something that was beyond my wildest dreams.

My feed will be FLOODING with these images. People will be so sick of me, hahaha. It was such a beautiful, connecting experience for Tim and I and you made it such a great time for the both of us! You really brought the best out in us, as you do with every couple. Truly images I will cherish forever. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!
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AMELIE & RYAN -637.jpg
I just wanted to tell you that I am in love with our wedding pictures. They are beautiful, genuine and really capture the emotions of the day. Ryan and I couldn’t be happier! It was like re-living it through a completely different point of view. Picking you as our wedding photographer was an easy choice and you completely delivered! It was a real joy working with you (and Jesse). Take care and never lose your intuition for beauty!
AMELIE & RYAN (209).jpg
OMG!!!! First, in no way were we expecting our pictures so soon. Did you sleep in the pst 48 hrs?! And second, holy shit, the pictures you sent us were more beautiful than what I had imagined!!  We are incredibly happy with the result and having chosen you as our photographer was one of the best decisions we took regarding our wedding! We can’t wait for our wedding day and know that the pictures are going to be gorgeous!! We will make sure your name is everywhere when we share them and make sure you get some good publicity. Again, thank you!!! We f*cking love them!!!


As a brand strategist, my business is built around helping people create a consistent brand image and communication style. The winner’s website was so well branded I forgot for a moment I was to be judging it, and that it was the work of a student. It is so professional, I felt as though I were looking at a photographer who had years of experience. The site took me on a journey and told a story throughout the entire thing. Beautiful photos aside, the website was laid out in a thoughtful and purposeful way. It is so much more than an online portfolio. It gave me a glimpse into this photographer’s life, their story, their why and their style. The creative and clever language had me wanting more. Not only did the site make me want to hire her for myself or future clients, it also inspired me to create again. With soul and with purpose.


The photos are PERFECT! You are so talented. I can’t believe you managed to capture all this magic in just a short two-hour session <3
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2017 Canon’s Best Photographic Series:

The winning series was selected because of the visual storytelling that was used to provide the viewer with a deeper connection to the subject. The consistent editing style showcased a modern aesthetic, and the use of a shallow depth of field kept their subject the main focus of the images while still speaking to their surroundings. The diverse composition of the images added to the dynamic feel of the series, and was well suited for their choice of subject. I was instantly drawn to this series, and could imagine myself stopping to admire it while flipping through the pages of a magazine. Congratulations on being the recipient of the 2017 Canon’s Best Photographic Series award!

EMILY. I almost don’t have words... I just finished viewing the photos and I AM SO HAPPY. like, so so so so happy with them. You did 110%. I had a vision as to what I wanted Jacob and I’s engagement photos to look like, then I made sure to hire you and then you did an absolute PERFECT job and then some! I am forever grateful. Okay, I am too happy right now, hahaha, thank you X 1 trillion.

Thank you so much! This is everything that we hoped for and more!! With all of the excitement of the day there is so much of it that just flies by and this is a great way for Zach and I to reflect back on the special day for years and years to come! Thank you so much for including the extra footage of the special dances as well - they were some of our favourite moments of the night, so we are so grateful that Jesse captured these moments, and that you included them in our video. Thank you again for all of your hard work on these videos that we will cherish for a lifetime. We are still OBSESSED with our highlight video! You have absolutely exceeded all of our hopes and expectations in what we were looking for in a videographer for our wedding. Thank you for accommodating everything we were looking for from the very beginning. Both Zach and I wish you all the best in all that your undoubtedly very bright future holds. You’re the best! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
EMILY BEEKMANS - IT IS PERFECT!!!! I wouldn’t change a thing! We cried and laughed and cried some more. We can’t thank you enough for capturing the day!!!
Wow!!!! That really was record time! Yay! We looove it!!! You captured so many great moments, it was so fun to watch them back!! And you were amazing to work with too, thank you so much for putting up with our shenanigans (mainly the And say thank you to Rick too for being so great! Oh fabulous! Thank you again!!! The videos are amazing, we also can’t stop watching (and I also wanted to say, I love the music choices in the highlight video!). Everyone who we have shown the videos to were also super impressed! Thank you thank you thank you!!

Had my engagement party today... Everyone was freaking out because of the photos!!! We put them on the big screen with a looping slideshow. Everyone was asking me who the photographer was and how long you’ve been doing it, and just so many compliments on how well you captured who Jacob and I are. There were also a lot of tears, so my sincerest thanks to you for doing such an amazing job.

WOW! Just WOW! This video most certainly touched my heart, you made me cry!!!! I don’t really cry but this video is just amazing. I feel married now. This really happened! So many emotions captured on video and as I watch the video so many good moments come alive. I hope that makes sense. What I am trying to say is that the memories are there but seeing them in this format is more meaningful. They will never fade like memories can. We will always have this video. Just fantastic Emily. I am beyond happy with your work, you are a true artist. Everything just falls together beautifully. Wonderful work.

Wow - That’s all I can say, hahaha. they are just so stunning Emily!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you. You once again have made me a VERY happy customer/client whatever you want to call me. You are just so talented, and I am so happy you have found your calling and that I am lucky enough to have been able to work with you! I haven’t even gotten out of bed yet because I have been looking at the photos since 8 and now I am just going crazy with making my website! I am so so so happy and I love that you add photos of my home! I am so going to add those in randomly just to give people a break from staring at my face and jewelry, haha.

Oh my goodness! Zach and I are so absolutely blown away by our highlight video!! You did such a fantastic job of capturing all of the emotion of our wedding day - cried the whole way through. You are truly an artist!! Words can’t even express how happy and grateful we are to have found you, and your awesome talent and artistry. This video is so snowy and beautiful! We can’t wait to share it with our family and friends, and will treasure it forever.